Yates Heirloom Collection

$260.00 - $280.00

The Yates Heirloom Collection is exactly what we needed for our best-dressed little boys.
It has a bit more lace and detailing then our Alexander or Hayden collection and yet, still is properly proportioned to allow his sweet face to shine. 💙

Choose from a bubble, button-on bubble, button-on suit, or short set.

• Imperial batiste in white, blue, ivory
• White or ecru French trims
• Gathered lace trims on collar and sleeves
• Swiss beading connecting bubble to yoke
• Sweet hemstitching technique on yoke and collar
• Hand embroidered details (this bubble would be so pretty with green and red for the holidays - maybe tiny holly berry and leaves?! 🎄)
• We also add coordinating thread to sew buttons on for that tiny bit of color in the back to match your front embroidery. Might be a tiny bit hard to notice in third photo, but it is precious in person!
• Including a photo at the end to show bubble without embroidery - this is also an option.

New orders ship in 6-8-weeks