Elizabeth Layne Heirloom was created to provide the highest quality children's heirlooms, clothing and accessories.  We provide employment for talented heirloom artists and seamstresses, while allowing them to create from their homes.  Our team of heirloom seamstresses are all based in the US as we love supporting small, local businesses.

We are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality in all products that carry our name.  Using only the finest fabrics and laces available, our seamstresses create traditional hand-made clothing for life's most cherished moments.

Our goal is to provide classic heirloom clothing for everyday and special occasions for infants and children.

-- Our Vintage Line --

As modern as we are today, I still have a deep love for history and all things vintage -- One of the reason's we love vintage is because of how versatile it is today -- pair a sweet vintage dress that a baby has outgrown with a modern bloomer, denim short, white skinny leg jean and you have a very up-to-date, sweet outfit for your growing toddler. It's full of history, it's fashionable and instantly becomes more wear-able.  

I found inspiration in knowing that one special dress you fell in love with, you'll see it again. A few years drift by and then you get to pull it out of the closet again -- and all those sweet memories come flooding back.  Seeing my daughter in pieces at different times in her life is what fuels my creativity.

As a mom, I am passionate about bringing you special, premium quality clothing and heirlooms that you and your child will not only love, but turn to again and again. Playful, easy-to-wear styles that capture the simple, everyday whimsy of childhood and make getting dressed so much fun. Only the softest cottons, batistes, laces and trims make the cut. 

 The result is a seasonal collection of heirlooms and vintage-style dresses that work for everyday, or special occasions. Whether you're at a play date, beach portraits, a holiday party or family vacation an Elizabeth Layne Heirloom piece is sure to be perfect.