Vintage Swiss Balloons Primrose Collection

$155.00 - $176.00

Our Primrose Collection is one that has all the classic heirloom elements - A vintage pattern, Swiss embroidered trims and embroidered beading and big poofy bows to tie her up in!
We are now using a very beautiful, vintage Swiss embroidered trim for the bodices. Which means we can only offer this certain look in infant and toddler sizes. This vintage trim is exclusive and will only last for a short amount of time - it's special!
So many wonderful vintage shimmery pastel balloons in front and back, complimented with white puffy embroidered clouds!
Also notice the vintage trim has the tiniest scallops which we chose to use in the design, it fits right over the bow and beading beautifully! So vintage, and so unique!

The perfect heirloom to celebrate birthdays in!

Choose from:

Pink or blue Imperial broadcloth

All orders will be made with pink grosgrain ribbon.
(If you prefer a white bow, add that as a note at checkout)

We've perfected a lovely vintage pattern and made it great! So please note they run true-to-size in stride.

Sunsuit Bubble Sizes:
6mo - 15.5 inches shoulder-to-stride
9mo - 16 inches shoulder-to-stride
12mo - 16 3/4 inches shoulder-to-stride
18mo - 18 1/2 inches shoulder-to-stride
2T - 19 3/4 inches shoulder-to-stride

18mo - 18” long
2T - 20” long

(If you prefer a different length include that in note section.)
(All measurements are reference guides and may not be exact as all of our garments are handmade.)

$155 for the Primrose sunsuit

$170 for the Primrose dress

Shipping is in 6-8 weeks