The Yardley Heirloom Dress

$250.00 - $275.00

The Yardley is an excellent option for a whole new seasonal look.

The Yardley is a lined waisted dress with a tailored short puffed sleeve.
Both neck and sleeves trimmed with entredeux and french lace.

The delicate heirloom bib is the star of this set though. Heirloom batiste, hemstitching, french laces and beautiful hand embroidery.

Customize your hand embroidery and ask for bunnies for Easter!

Notice there are two bib styles.

The first is scalloped with three panels and the second option is square and has one center fabric panel for embroidery.

Notice how the lace on the dress paired with the lace trim on the bib give an extra delicate and girly look. Perfect for portraits!

Bibs button down the back with mother of pearl buttons and tie on the sides with white satin ribbons.

Sizes 3T - 6

Dress can be made in white, pink, ivory or blue broadcloth.

Ships late April

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