Scarlett Swiss Dot Collection

$360.00 - $380.00

The Scarlett heirloom dress (or bubble) is a portrait heirloom that you can customize easily with Swiss embroidered trims and slip colors.
A fun way to give her heirloom closet a new twist!

• Dotted Swiss in white
• Hand embroidered Swiss trims
• Ecru French trims on neck and ecru insertion trims on front and back yoke
• Imported wide lace trim from the Netherlands on puff sleeves and hemline
• Silk ribbons in ecru French lace beading insertion will match your slip color (peach as shown in photos - or choose white, pink, blue to match one of the Swiss embroidered insertion options in last photo)
• Tiny mother-of-pearl buttons in back
• Ecru Swiss entredeux attaches all laces to dress or bubble
• Satin batiste slip comes with dress
• Bubble bottom is lined in the color satin batiste that matches your trim

Handloom options (see last photo to see below order):
1 - pink and aqua vine - we would pair with pink slip
2 - purple, pink, yellow floral - we would pair with a pink slip
3 - peachy pink floral (as seen on dress sample) - we would pair with a peach slip
4 - blue and mint vine - we would pair with a blue slip

Above trims are vintage and limited - so once we run out with orders, there will not be an option to order again.

New orders ship in July

Sizes 12mo - 10

Size 12mo - 18"

Size 2 – 22”

Size 3 – 24”

Size 4 – 25"

Size 5 – 26"

Size 6 – 28"

Size 7 – 30"

Size 8 – 32”

Size 10 - 34"

Heirlooms are handmade so lengths may vary slightly - if you would like a custom length - add in the note section at checkout please.