Love Burst Apron Dress

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Winter days & Valentine's parties are extra sweet in red bitty dots and hand-embroidered hearts! ♥️

Add a darling bow, knee socks and red shoes and send them off in sweetheart style!

• Red bitty dot fabric
• Swiss entredeux on collar and sleeves with red floss hand woven in
• White pique collar
• White pique pocket to hide all her secret little treasures!
• Hand embroidered heart on pocket of apron dress
• Sweet decorative heart shaped buttons in front and back of apron belt

Apron Dress
Size 2-3-4

Apron lengths:

12mo: 17.5"
18mo: 18.5"
2: 19.5"
3: 21.5"
4: 22.5"

Ships first week of February ♥️