Kate Heirloom Dress

$395.00 - $445.00

An elegant white and ecru heirloom dress that will keep her portrait-ready.

One of our favorite features on this new design is the new beading lace we have chosen. The contrast of the design is truly unique!

• Imperial batiste (a cotton/poly blend for easy wear & less wrinkles)
• Ecru French laces
• Stunning angel lace sleeves
• Gathered French trim in neck bias
• Coordinating lace fancy band in skirt
• Gathered fabric ruffle on hemline is trimmed in French trims
• Mother-of-pearl buttons

Size 3 – 26”

Size 4 – 28”

Size 5 – 31”

Size 6 – 33”

Size 7 – 36”
Size 8 and up please send us a custom length

Please do order the size she needs in shoulders and chest and just ask us to customize length if needed and - we never recommend sizing up or down.

Sizes 2-4 — $395
Sizes 5-6 — $405
Size 7-10 — $425 and up

Dress color options:
White, pink, blue, seafoam, aqua, sorbet green

Slips are a la carte - there is a separate listing for slips if one is needed. We can also add in a lining instead of you prefer to not see a slip through the lace yoke. Pricing is the same and can be added in the slip listing white you can find below this dress listing.

Shipping is late April

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