Claire High Yoke Insertion Dress

$25.00 - $248.00

A closet staple! The high yoke insertion dress is as sweet as they get!

• Peach, white, blue or mint satin batiste - 100% cotton
• Ivory Swiss wedding ring insertion and french trims
• Entredeux connecting yoke to skirt in front and back
• Lace beading and satin ribbons on the sweetest puff sleeve
• Deep Hand-finished hem for letting out each season
• Mother of Pearl buttons in back

Sizes 2-6T with Swiss wedding ring insertion (as seen in photos.)

Sizes 6mo - 24mo with all french laces, beading and satin ribbons in insertion.
Or you may choose lace beading in any larger size - you may also choose your ribbon color (white, ecru, pink or blue) 🎀
Last photo is an example of pink silk ribbons that we just love!
(We do have two white satin batiste Claire dresses ready to ship - find them in the drop down menu - a 2T, 4T and size 5 with green ribbons and a size 4 with red ribbons!)
If you choose to order one of the ready to ship dresses, please know it is super easy to change out ribbon colors - snip out yoke ribbon and weave new pastel ribbon in its place and then add a tiny knot on each end to keep in place.
Weave new ribbon onto sleeves and tie in a bow.

6mo - 14 inches
12mo - 16.5 inches
18mo - 18inches
24mo - 20 inches
2T — 21 inches
3T — 23 inches
4T — 25 inches
5T — 27 inches
6T - 29 inches


6m - 16 1/2 inches shoulder-to-stride
9mo - 17 1/2 inches shoulder-to-stride
12mo - 18 1/2 inches shoulder-to-stride
18mo - 19 3/4 inches shoulder-to-stride
2T - 21 inches shoulder-to-stride
3T - 22.5 inches shoulder-to-stide

Measurements are a guideline as these are handmade and may vary slightly.

Model in peach dress is 3.5 years old and wearing the 3T.

Dress fits very true to size.

Slip is not included. Model is not wearing one so not necessary recommended.

Sizes 2T & 3T - $238
Sizes 4T and up - $248

Shipping in January

Thank you to Kathleen Ivy photography in Madison, MS for this beautiful sister portrait. Girls are in the mint batiste with ivory lace trims.