Adelia Portrait Collar Dress

$370.00 - $415.00

Twirling into a new season with lots of swirling rings of lace! How exciting is it to plan her next heirloom? We would love to help! The Adelia Heirloom Collection was designed with your little in mind.
Let's frame her sweet face in only the best heirloom techniques and materials.
The Adelia consists of so many special hand-finished heirloom techniques!

• Wedding ring lace insertions are hemstitched onto Swiss Nelona batiste (hemstitching is a unique, 'old-world' classic technique that most are not able to offer any more - so truly unique to your little girl's closet!)

• Vintage insertion lace and French Maline lace edging - both used on collar and sweet puff sleeves.

• Imperial batiste used for less wrinkling, on-the-go-moms - (but upgrading to Swiss Nelona is always an option!)
Choose from white, ivory, green (as photographed), pink or blue.

• You may choose your floral hand embroidery color and satin ribbons (to do this add a note at checkout or we will include the photographed pink buds and ribbons on your order if note section is left blank.)

• Mother-of-Pearl button closure in back

• White Imperial batiste slip is included

• French seams throughout

• Deep hand-finished hem

Size 2 - 21"
Size 3 - 23"
Size 4 - 25"
Size 5 - 27"
Size 6 - 29"
Size 7 - 32"
Size 8 - 34"
Size 10 - 36"

Sizes 2-10

Size 2,3,4 price $370

Size 5,6 $380

Size 7, 8, 10 $415

Bubble size 2 & 3 $370

Shipping is in April