Elizabeth Layne Heirloom

18mo Swiss Bitty Dot Paper Doll Sundress

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Paper Dolls have always been a darling design feature on classic dresses. And our version this year is sweetly made up with hand embroidered cross stitch dolls in a pastel pink!
Classic, timeless and completely adorable!

• Swiss Baby wale pique in a precious pink bitty dot
• Five hand embroidered dolls and two pink hearts across the chest of this sweet design.
• Trimmed in a Cluny lace
• Pink satin bows at shoulder - allowing for lots of growth!
• 3” hem for dropping each season
• Pretty decorative buttons in back for easy dressing

Sizes 18mo - 6

Freshly embroidered & ready to ship dresses as well as a preorder!
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Ready to ship 18mo/2T dress reduced to $150!
Dress Lengths:
18mo - 19"
2T - 21"
3T -22"
4T - 23"
5T -24"
6 - 26"