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Hand Painted Pumpkin Dress

$169.00 - $194.00

We are so excited to offer another heirloom in our series of custom hand painted, pieces of art. No two are alike and we are quite certain these will easily end up as a favorite in your little girl's closet!

This very talented heirloom artist's delicate and skilled brush strokes, paired with our love for fine, handmade garments -- Exquisite on their own, together sublime.

White Imperial broadcloth yokes are our artist's blank canvas. She artistically brushes on a pretty pumpkin and vine design across the front and back of each yoke. Finished with a 🎀 of course!

French seams, hand piping, delicate Swiss trim, and a pattern that floats out beautifully - we chose a pattern that carries much more yardage of fabric (88-inches!) to give that beautiful 'float' we all love.

Deep hems for multiple years of wearing and floating around pumpkin patches. :)

A true piece of art!
Shoulder to hem:
1 - 16.5” long
2T - 19.5” with a 3” hem
3T - 22” with a 3” hem
4T - 24.5 with a 3” hem
5 - 26” with a 3” hem
6 - 25” with a 3” hem

2T bubbles 21-22” sts

All measurements vary slightly as they are a handmade garment.

Dresses $184-$194
2T bubble $169

Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.


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