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Cambridge Twirl Coat

$233.00 - $285.00

Our third year representing these special Marae keepsake coats!

We love a dress with twirl - but have you ever thought about a coat with twirl-factor?! The Cambridge Twirl Coat has so much movement - the circle design on the coat gives it so much range of motion!

The top of this design is in the European weight, while the bottom is in Southern - giving it that fabulous twirl!

Handmade in Spain by the designer who makes the coats for European Prince and Princesses! 100% Wool and truly lovely.

Preorder here to guarantee your coat for Fall 2021.
These are available in traditional European weight and a custom weight for more mild Southern winters.

Care for your new Marae coat: These can be washed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine. We recommend washing with other items (so it’s not alone, prevents buttons from hitting against the sides and causing any damage/getting caught).
You may also wash by hand, or dry clean!
Lay flat to dry so as not to distort the shoulders.

Sizes 1-12

These run very true to size. There is hardly any difference in shoulders, main difference is in sleeve length.
Models are 7-years old - and wearing a size 6, so as you can see sleeve length will run true to size. (Order her age now, and wear cuffed the first year and then roll down during the second year of wear.)

Ships in November

All styles are customer cut-to-order and non-refundable.

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