Elizabeth Layne Heirloom

3T Ready-To-Ship Adelia A-Line Dress

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  • Ready-to-Ship 3T

3T ready-to-ship dress available and on sale today!


White pique, delicate dotted Swiss lace trims, lovely hand embroidery and the prettiest satin bows!

Poly/cotton pique for easy packing and holiday vacation wearing!

Bubble and dress are both lined.

Satin ribbons come out for easy care and washing.
Note - thinner ribbons as seen in third photo will come on smaller sizes (9mo-2T) and wider ribbons come on 3T and up.

Decorative pearl buttons on back closure on both bubble and dress.

Dress: 12mo - 5T

12mo - 19 inches long
2T - 22 inches long
3T -23 inches long
4T - 24 inches long
5T - 25 inches long
6 - 26 inches long

Bubble: 3mo - 2T

3mo - 14 inches shoulder to stride
6mo - 15 inches shoulder to stride
9mo - 16 inches shoulder to stride
12mo - 17 inches shoulder to stride
18mo - 19 inches shoulder to stride
2T - 20 inches shoulder to stride

All heirlooms are handmade so measurements may vary slightly.

Both bubble and dress run very true to size.
Dresses can be worn several years due to the nature of an a-line pattern. 💕

12mo - 3T dress and bubble: $128

4T & 5 are $138