Elizabeth Layne Heirloom

The Heirloom Pinafore Set


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  • 2T Pinafore Only $119.00
  • 3T Pinafore Only $119.00
  • 4T Pinafore Only $124.00
  • 5T Pinafore Only $124.00
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From the first sight of your little girl in this heirloom pinafore set, it will instantly tug at your heart. Truly nostalgic for any mom who wore one herself and have always wanted that same special look for her daughter.

We are offering the dress in a baby blue 100% skinny dip pique, truly just as soft as it looks!
Dress is handmade using french seams, hand rolled piping on collar and sleeves, with a hand done hem.
Mother of pearl buttons at back of neck.

The white Imperial batiste pinafore that is placed over the dress is truly breath taking! We have used a wide Swiss embroidered lace on front and back, and gathered at sleeves -- each time she puts it on it will call you back to a day when life was a little sweeter and time passed more slowly.

The blue satin ribbon is weaved through Swiss beading, that is hand sewn into heirloom, and can be changed out to any 1/4 or 3/8 width ribbon at your choosing, just as the pinafore can be worn over any dress already hanging in your little girl's closet! Imagine it over a sateen or velveteen dress at Christmas!

Perfect for any occasion, our hand created heirloom can help you celebrate any special moment with delightful charm!

Sizes 2T - 8T

2T dress- 19 inches long
3T dress - 20 inches long
4T dress - 22 inches long
5T dress - 24 inches long
6T dress - 27 inches long
7 dress - 29 inches long
8 dress - 31 inches .long

Set (both dress & pinafore) - Starting at $209
Dress - Starting at $90
Pinafore - Starting at $119

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