Elizabeth Layne Heirloom

Hand Painted Blue Birthday Dress


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  • 3/4 $155.00
  • 5/6 $205.00

We love a birthday celebration! Let’s have a party and dress in sweet classic designs with a modern twist - hand painted birthday balloons and bows!

• Soft, blue gingham or pique skirt paired with a white broadcloth yoke
• Hand painted pastel color balloons, curling ribbon and bows
• Signature hand painted design on back of yoke
• Swiss lace trim on neck
• Four inch hem for multiple years of wear
• Lined yoke
• Two mother of pearl button back closure

Ready to ship! Thank you for celebrating with us!

Hand wash for extra care. Hang dry to keep hand painted artwork intact.

Two available:

One size 3/4 WOVEN CHECK dress is 24.5 inches long and has a 4-inch hem - $155

One size 5/6 BLUE PIQUE dress is 27 inches long and has a 4-inch hem - $205