Elizabeth Layne Heirloom

Floral Vintage Pom Pom Blanket


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  • Pink/Green Large Floral 42x39 $98.00

The extra soft vintage floral design fabric paired with the 100% cotton quilt backing and white pom-pom trim has us swooning over these new heirlooms.

Truly one-of-a-kind, unique blankets that will be apart of so many new family gatherings and day outings.
Perfect for photo sessions, (they provide just the right amount of detailing for a beautiful portrait), picnics, play dates or bedroom decor.

Vintage rainbow (small floral print seen in basket photos) heirloom blankets available:
Blanket measures 70 inches by 41 inches.

Vintage pink/green floral heirloom blankets available:
All of these are 42 inches by 39 inches.

Item is ready-to-ship and ready-to-love!

Starting at $98